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When I think of this quote, it takes me back to the days of my divorce and how scary it was to think of being a single mom to a 22-month-old and a 6-week old newborn. There were so many days of prayer, so many days of anger and many more of feeling so hurt, but three words that I continued to tell myself were “I am brave” to get me through it.

As the mom of those two little girls, so much life has happened in the last four years and so much of it has been scary and confusing for them. I bought them bracelets for Christmas one year and engraved them with “I AM BRAVE” and their name on them. Every time they had to face a tough situation or leave for their dads, I reminded them that they were brave and that I’d see them soon.

The word brave itself is so powerful + represents so much of our story. The girls still say those words and I remind them often that they are so strong and we’ve come so far.

The deeper meaning behind this movement is the fight for those children that are put in tough situations and they have no idea how to get out of them. Child laborers + traffickers and domestic servitude is such a big problem around the world and after many prayers and thoughts on how I could possibly give back to such a huge problem….these three words came to my mind.

I have the honor to work with a jewelry company for Oh, helen boutique and with every piece of jewelry sold one tree is planted. Her mission was so clear and my girls love wearing her bracelets. They are stretchy and almost impossible to break and they love sharing them with others.

I thought, why not create a custom piece of jewelry that moms, daughters and friends could wear and it didn’t matter the size wrist because they would fit anyone. And so it came to life. Not only are you giving back to one mission, but her mission as well.

The first organization that my heart goes out to is BIZAA. My friend Okey has been fighting in Africa to get children off the streets, out of trafficking and domestic servitude and into schools to get an education. To date, he has identified and rescued more than 120 child laborers and trafficked victims. HIs mission is to continue to sponsor these children through the help of our community and raise enough money to acquire land and construct the first building of the international BIZAA College of Technology + Nursing in Nigeria.

You may be thinking, this seems so far away and there are plenty of other organizations to support, but I assure you when I say, every penny donated is going to help these children.

Please consider joining me on this mission where starting with ONE is so incredibly powerful. By purchasing the “I AM BRAVE” bracelets, the proceeds are going to support the BIZAA fight. When you hear the documentary of “The Boy They Called Bizarre” here you’ll see the passion and drive that Okey has for saving the lives of so many children.

Please join me in the “I AM BRAVE” movement and purchase your bracelet in gold or black here:
If you’d like to donate to the organization directly, please go here:

Your contribution of any kind is so greatly appreciated and not only are you helping to save children’s lives around the world, you are giving back to something that is so much bigger. Give the gift that keeps on giving.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your support. This mission means so much to us and those three words have the opportunity to make an impact on so many more lives.

Love + Grace,Kendra, Kenley + Kayden

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