Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Whitney Vaughn -

September 23, 2019

Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Whitney Vaughn

Whitney Vaughn is the shop owner, designer and creative behind Saved by Grace Co.  She is the mother to a beautiful 12 year old daughter; Aiyana, who gives her so much life.  

The Mission.

Saved by Grace Co. is where Whitney shares her testimonies and everyday life as a Christian mother through creativity and transparency. It’s also where you’ll get a glimpse inside what a down to earth, far from perfect human being really looks like when trying to grow spiritually in Christ. If you didn’t know or were misinformed, she wants to show you who Christians really are in Christ – which is so far from perfect and so close to sin. But, He loves you anyways.

Did you ever think you could see God in everyday places? Sometimes, it’s hard and she feels so far from Him on given days where things just don’t seem to go as planned. In those moments, she encourages herself to be still and pray for God to surround her so that she can stay obedient to His word. In those moments we least expect or in places we never thought we would see Him, the Saved by Grace Co. shop is here to change that. From faith apparel, to home decor – it’s her goal to help you to see God in all things.

Her Why.

Saved by Grace Co. didn’t just start because Whitney woke up one day and said “I think I want to start a business.”. Don’t get me wrong, for many years she had a love for doing her own thing and hopes to start a business one day in the creative realm. Never did she know it would be a business to share God’s love. It hasn’t even always been that she’s been able to hear God speak to me, or that she’s been doing this for so long that she know what I’m doing. God is using Whitney, but it’s all Him.

She didn’t always know God or accepted Him as number one. She used to always think “How could I love someone I don’t know?”. Growing up in a Christian home and going to church doesn’t mean you know Christ or even love him for that matter. Whitney can attest to that. 

Even still, she doesn’t claim to know it all, to be perfect, or even that she can quote scriptures from Matthew or John. Whitney will even admit that she doesn’t always act in a way that honors God in the midst of my crazy, nonstop life, but God knows she tries. One thing Whitney is sure of is that she feel called. Not just a small whisper or little signs here and there, but a longing – a supernatural feeling -no sleeping from waking up from hearing God nudge her – can’t stop thinking about it type of calling. It even isn’t that God has given her gifts that magically appeared. What He did give her is the heart to try. The heart to trust Him and the heart to learn. The mind to know that things would never come easy and that in order to run His business the way it was intended, she would need to trust Him always. That no matter how discouraged she ever felt, that God said “Whitney, there’s room for you, too.”

Through all of her doubts and fears and when she’s said, “Lord, I’m not good enough. There are other creative people out there. I can’t do this. I won’t have any support. I’ll be rejected.”, (and the infinite amount of other doubts she had and still has) He always responds, “People need to hear your testimony, see your creativity and most importantly, see Me in places they never thought I was.” 

The Now.

SBG Co. started in October of 2016. Since then, Whitnes has seen so much spiritual growth not only in herself, but in the people who have been in her corner since the beginning. 

In April 2017, God asked Whitney to do something big – quit her full time corporate career that she had worked so hard for. A career that she loved, with people she felt called to know. Her financial security and only income. Never in one million/billion years did she ever think she could sell one thing, create one thing that anyone would want, nonetheless make a living working for God. People always say you just need faith as small as a mustard seed.

Trust Whitney when she says, that is ALL she had.

It’s now two years later and God has shown her over and over again that He is in control. That this is not her business. She is merely the face, allowing God to do something through her. 

Check out the amazing content and products on Saved by Grace Co.



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