Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Jessica Karns -

November 12, 2019

Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Jessica Karns

Jessica Karns is the owner of Benica’s skincare brand located in the foothills of Arkansas living and working in nature.

As a busy mom of 7, Jessica studied natural health, childbirth, and herbalism. She’s taken that acquired knowledge to formulate every product in her brand from scratch. She personally makes every batch of every product, however, her family does get to jump in and help with bottling and shipping with love.

Jessica strives for clean ingredients and an affordable brand that every family can benefit from. She comes from the perspective of “wanting simplicity of ingredients while harnessing the power of botanicals” by using only essential oils, herbs, botanical extracts, clays and even foods to make up every product she carries. 

Check out all of the Benica’s Skincare Brand here.



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