Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Bobbi Brossard -

December 15, 2019

Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Bobbi Brossard

About Bobbi

Bobbi Brossard is the queen bee over at Queen Beanie. A Midwest girl at heart (she grew up in Kansas), is now back in the Midwest (Minnesota) having lived in the Pacific Northwest for 13+ years. She’s so happy to be ‘home’. They moved halfway across the country to start a new life – one that is more intentional and not as fast-paced. When times get tough, she reminds herself of this move. It wasn’t easy; but it was worth it.

She’s a big dreamer + big picture thinker. She loves new challenges and what it brings out in her – creativity, envisioning, and finding ways to make the existing more efficient.
Challenges are fun. Confrontation doesn’t phase her. She’s a self-starter who is ready to GO!

Having moved to a bit of a colder area (ha!), she decided to embrace it. That meant finding ways to be okay with being cold…. or, rather, how to stay warm all the time.
Being an entrepreneur at heart, she fell in love with the CC Beanie line and her dream of owning an online boutique was born. Her “style” is appropriately described as “cozy” – beanies, scarves, gloves, and blankets – yes, please!

About Queen Beanie

Her goal with Queen Beanie is to share all the cozy while having a weekly conversation around healing + wellness + self-care. She’s been on her (official) healing journey for almost 3 years now. She’s finding everyone around her has things, too… some kind of trauma or hurt that is still affecting them today. We heal as a collective, and her hope is that ‘Beanie Talk’ serves as just one safe place to grow & heal together. <3

Follow Along + Shop

You can follow Bobbi on:
instagram: @queenbeaniemn
facebook: @queenbeaniemn
Shop her website | Use CODE: KENDRA10




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