Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Paulette Legred -

January 14, 2020

Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Paulette Legred

About Paulette

As a lifelong farmgirl and hairdresser, Paulette sought to begin a haircare brand that celebrates hairdressers and nature’s bounties from the farm. She named that brand Lis’n because they do. “We as hairdressers listen to our guest and we as a company listen to our customers”

Paulette Legred considers it an honor to have laughed, cried and laughed until she cried with thousands of stylists and guests throughout her career as salon owner, stylist, and professional educator. She has helped numerous salons achieve their goals as a Distributor Account Executive and Manufacturer Sales Director, and believes that the relationships they build throughout life are vital for both personal and professional success.

Paulette has written an educational program, “The Colour of Money,” inspiring audiences across the United States and Canada challenging them to turn every cut client in to a color client. The program rewarded her with international recognition and respect from industry great, Arnie Miller, founder of Matrix.

She is an author of many educational haircare and business programs including “Presentations with a Passion”, “From Shampoo to Shampagne™”, and “Wake Me Up When the Numbers are Over”. Recently she had the privilege to work along side industry legend, Sam Brocato, and is honored to call him a friend.

Long before Paulette started selling shampoo, she grew up on a farm and did just about every farm job imaginable. That’s where she learned a handshake is a deal, your word is all you really have in life, and a great work ethic will take you far.

She combined the best of fashion and the farm and created, Lis’n Farm to Fashion™ Hair Care.
She is married to her high school sweetheart, Kevin, has two children and seven grandchildren. Paulette credits her faith and incredible support team for her success.

About Lisn Beauty

Lis’n Beauty is a lifestyle brand of body care and body wash, lotion and oil. They also have a boutique hair care line with 7 products. All are crafted with Farm to Fashion™ ingredients: key active ingredients are naturally farm derived.

All products are Made in Minnesota, gluten, sulfate and paraben free, and of course no animal testing [we’re from a farm]. Salon Lab Professionals is a Premium Quality Product Line, in a medium price range, with all products being between, $22-$24 for our retail sized products.

Our Vision: We believe one can change lives simply by listening.

Our Mission: To grow the business of our customers by building relationships with them and providing clean, safe products for our mutual success.

Our Values: The values I learned on the farm are the true north of my business. That’s where I learned a handshake is a deal, your word is about all you have in life and a great work ethic will take you far. My dad always said, “You catch more flies with honey.” which I interpret as in all things, be kind.

We show appreciation and are grateful for our customers.
We build relationships and honestly care our customers are happy and successful.
We are authentic.
I am a farm girl and hairdresser and proud of it.
We act with honesty and integrity; its how I was raised.

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