Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Catherine Hildner -

April 14, 2020

Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Catherine Hildner

About Catherine:

Catherine Hildner is the creator, designer and heart & soul behind Kitty Meow Boutique (KM). At Kitty Meow you can shop beautifully designed paper & party goodies based on your mood, witty or sweet. Whether you’re looking for something witty and even a little rude, or prefer sweet sentiments, she’s got you. You can snag these products on the Kitty Meow site or at an ever expanding list of retail shops throughout US & Canada.

Catherine is also a wife, momma to two gorgeous little ladies, anchor-loving philanthropist, and self-proclaimed Customer Service Queen. She’s dedicated to bringing a little personality to the party and sharing what she knows with other creatives.

About Kitty Meow

At Kitty Meow you can shop beautiful designs based on your mood: witty (rude, saucy, semi-inappropriate) or sweet (thoughtful and well…sweet!).

The Kitty Meow brand is fun, fierce, & designed to make women feel confident, empowered, and courageous enough to take the bull by the horns in life with thoughtful details. With over 130+ greeting cards, napkins, coasters, cocktail sticks, pins, and notebooks, you’re sure to find something amazing for the bad ass lady in your life – or better yet, yourself!

Our commitment to you is to make you feel like our Number 1! At Kitty Meow we care not only about gorgeous design, but an equally gorgeous customer service experience. While you won’t be our only customer (gosh I hope not!), we promise to make you feel like a long lost friend. Customer Service is QUEEN in our book, and at Kitty Meow we promise to create a memorable experience for you and your customers. Together, we’re gonna kill it! At Kitty Meow we believe in…
• celebrating moment big & small
• on point customer service
• making people feel special
• beautiful typography
• incorporating personality
• sharing your strengths
• paying it forward
• being thankful
• & pushing out the noise!

In the Tribe Box

In the Spring Tribe Box, you’ll find two beautiful luxury cards from Kitty Meow Boutique. To get your cards plus 6 other full-size premium products, click the button below to shop!

Follow Along & Shop

Instagram: @kittymeowboutique
Website: | Use code: KendraLovesKittyMeow for 20% Off



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