Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Cornelia Baum -

April 14, 2020

Meet our Tribe Box Sponsor: Cornelia Baum

About Cornelia:

Cornelia considers herself a modern day hippie, fiber artist, yoga instructor, fur baby mama, favorite aunt and adventure seeker.  After working in the advertising production industry for over 15 years she decided to take a leap of faith and create bohoLIVING.  It’s where West Coast dreamer meets Midwest Farmhouse. While bohoLIVING is a lifestyle that hopes to inspire women to follow their dreams, Cornelia also helps busy gals discover their inner creative through macrame so that they can live more artistic and inspired lives.

If you’re looking for Cornelia, you can find her somewhere between California and the Midwest as she splits her time between LA where her soul lives, and Chicago where she grew up and her family resides.  When she’s not in either of those places she’s either traveling in her vintage airstream or spending summers in Southwest Michigan.

Right now Cornelia works out of her home, but she hopes to continue spending as much time in California as she can during those cold Midwest winter months. 

About boholiving

bohoLIVING is West Coast Dream Chaser meets Midwest Farmhouse kind of style—featuring bohemian inspired lifestyle and goods. With a love for mixing beads and textures, sitting at a local farmers market with a small card table in the warm summer sun is where it all began—until they told her… “you need to have a tent”.  

So a tent was purchased and she came back the next week where her booths grew, the customers grew and the vision grew.  While she still loves to make and design jewelry pieces, she soon fell in love with macrame.   

Cornelia stumbled upon a workshop early in 2017 and was instantly hooked.  The knotting became another form of meditation for her.  But she will admit her favorite part is when she gets to hear the stories of macrame past.  When a passerby glances over and sees her display and their eyes light up, she just knows they have a story for her and that the macrame is bringing back some good memories.   

In the Tribe Box

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