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I'm Kendra Lambert--a wife, mom, dreamer & business owner. I'm a recovering chaos lover, and a trial-and-error learner. I hope to inspire you and bring a daily-dose of comic relief. The real fun is happening over on Instagram @kendrainc

Ever heard a story you were pretty sure was both too good to be true & too intricate to be made up? 

I was born and raised in Bemidji, MN, but now live in the Minneapolis area. I've never been one to really sit still. I've always had a variety of interests--interior design, DIY projects, home decorating & organizing, fitness, fashion, & beauty--and acquired the skills to support them--opting between the creative and the analytical, figuring out how to make up the in-between as I went. 

When I'm not in the home office, homeschooling, or working from my front porch--you can find me doing backflips on the trampoline with my girls, going on long walks with my husband & our dog Kona, or re-envisioning a newly decorated area of our home. 

My life in business starts at a third-grade aptitude test, when I actually had to look up the definition of "entrepreneur."

(My story's kind of like that.)

in 2009 I started my first business out of a 400 sq. ft. old bait shop. 

It all started with numerous coats of paint & creating my own stencil designs for my bedroom walls as a kid. Then changing my college degree three times from graphic design to interior design, and landing on psychology. When I finally got a job, I was craving a life of freedom from my 9-5 day. I hated working for someone else!

I was introduced to a local decorator and started taking a class (being the only student) in custom decorative wall-finishes and I fell in LOVE. The creative freedom, the before-and-after, and the amount of money I was about to make, quickly became Urban Essence Interiors.  

My life as a decorative artist was both hectic and fulfilling. I loved it, but it was spreading me thin and had me running in too many different directions. That soon brought me to the opening of Urbanesque Boutique. 

life & business

That was the exact moment it all changed for me.

I've run businesses that were pretty close to accidental successes and worked my tail off to course-correct after things went exactly not as I'd planned or hoped--case in point: I sold out of my inventory just three days after opening Urbanesque Boutique. (Yeah, it was not a perfect plan.)

AFTER MY FIRST BOUTIQUE GREW FROM AN EARLY 800-square foot "long hallway" to a 3,300-square foot space that was a trusted source for fashion & home decor confidence in my small town.....

For a long time, I was figuring business out as I went, saying yes to every opportunity and living the roller coaster of success to success. I was flying by the seat of my pants--which because I owned a boutique, were very cute, but still. Not only was I running a boutique, doing decorative wall-finishing projects on the side, and soon introduced to a multi-level marketing health & wellness business that changed my life--I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter.

Life threw me a few hard-and-fast balls, and what had always been adventures in side-hustle and passion projects became the grace that got me through divorce and becoming a single mom just six weeks after Kayden was born. If my girls and I were going to depend on my business, I needed it to really thrive. And, while I'd done a lot of things, I couldn't help but feel like it was time to pick a direction. The time came as my daughters and I prepared to move a few hours away, I knew it was the right move to sell the boutique to a new owner. 

But, I also knew I wasn't quite done being a boutique owner. A few months later, Oh, Helen Boutique opened its internet doors in honor of my late grandmother. 

Oh, Helen gave way to a community of women who began to motivate Kendra INC. in the direction of new uncharted territory. 
+You asked for a subscription box, and I made one. 
+You asked for advice on creating a business of your own,
and I started sharing lessons I've learned--in a "virtual box", packed up pretty for women to run in the direction of their dreams, with the strategies and lessons that will spare them the headaches and pulling-out-my-hair late nights I experienced as I charted my online business course. 

Today life brings many blessings & brought me through hurdles I never thought I'd overcome. From getting re-married in 2017 and going from a family of 3 to a family of 7--you can say things have been a little busy around here. Oh, Helen Boutique was closed in 2019 and the last  subscription box was sent out in October 2020.

We've decided as a family to simplify our life & homeschool my girls full-time
and it's been a new adventure for all of us! I launched my blog in 2021 and am enjoying all the new-ness of that, along with taking on a few design & organizing clients to keep my creative juices flowing. The online business course will be re-launching as I'm excited to continue sharing my knowledge of all things freedom & entrepreneurship with this incredible tribe & community!



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