Kendra Lambert

Ever heard a story you were pretty sure was both too good to be true and too intricate to be made up?


Hey there, I'm

(My story’s kind of like that.)

I’ve always had a variety of interests—and acquired the skills to support them—opting between the creative and the analytical, figuring out how to make up the in-between as I went.

I’ve run businesses that were pretty close to accidental successes and worked my tail off to course-correct after things went exactly not as I’d planned or hoped—case in point: I once sold out my inventory just three days after opening my boutique. (Yeah, it was not a perfect plan.)

Before that boutique, I’d run both a six-figure, multi-level-marketing health & wellness business and a interior design & custom wall finishings company. All the while dreaming of opening a business that sold clothes.

My life as a business owner was both hectic and fulfilling. I loved it, but it was spreading me thin and had me running in too many different directions.

My life in business starts at a third-grade aptitude test, when I actually had to look up the definition of “entrepreneur.”

I’ve never been one to really sit still. 

But, I also knew I wasn’t quite done being a boutique owner.

I knew that if I threw my hair in a bun, rolled up my sleeves, scoured the internet, read the books, hired the help and had the hard conversations, I could build an even bigger business the right way. A few months later, Oh, Helen Boutique opened its internet doors in honor of my late grandmother.

Oh, Helen gave way to a community of women who began to motivate Kendra Inc. in the direction of new and uncharted territory.

+You asked for a subscription box, and I made one.

+You asked for advice on creating a business of your own, and I started sharing the lessons I’ve learned—in a "virtual box", packed up pretty for women to run in the direction of their dreams, with the strategies and lessons that will spare them the headaches and pulling-out-my-hair late nights I experienced as I charted my course.

Life threw me a few hard-and-fast curve balls, and what had always been adventures in side-hustle and passion projects became the grace that got me through divorce and becoming a single mom.

For a long time, I was figuring business out as I went, saying yes to every opportunity and living the roller coaster of success to success. I was flying by the seat of my pants—which because I owned a boutique, were very cute, but still.

If my girls and I were going to depend on my business, I needed it to really thrive. And, while I’d done a lot of things, I couldn’t help but feel like it was time to pick a direction.

After my first boutique grew from an early 800-square-foot “long hallway” to a 3,300-square-foot space that was the trusted source for fashionable confidence in my small hometown, as my daughters and I prepared to move a few hours away, I knew it was the right move to sell it to a new owner.

But the next part was the real plot twist.

Because you, girlfriend…
you can do this, too.

I’m a wife, a mom, a dreamer and a business owner. I’m a recovering crazy-chaos lover, and a trial-and-error learner. I’ve paved my own path to success by tapping into the interests I’ve had my whole life, developing the skills I needed to sustain them, and making them profitable.

I live in Minnesota—home of the Post-it Notes and sub-freezing temperatures for about half the year. I’m a coffee addict, and a big believer in the power of a topknot, comfy leggings—and Jesus, of course.

When I’m not in the office—or working from my front porch—you can find me doing backflips on the trampoline with my little gymnasts or going on a long walk for some daily zen time.

Hi, I'm Kendra Lambert


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