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Powerful Healing Benefits of Celery Juice

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Who would have thought “ants on a log” would start my life journey to the powerful healing of celery juice. In 2009 I started to develop psoriasis on parts of my body. By 2011 it got so bad that I could barely touch my skin. It was raw, bleeding, and would peel off in sheets. […]


Mom Life

Healthy Snacks My Kids Devour

If you’re like me, hearing the word snack over and over again was leaving me frustrated. I wanted my girls to have healthy choices, but actually eat what I was giving them. I’m sharing my top snack picks that will leave both mom & kids happy and satisfied throughout the day.


Mom Life

How Do I Start a Business AND Be a Mom?

One of the hardest things, I believe, women entrepreneurs face when starting out is (if they have kiddos) the dynamic of starting a business AND being a mom. If you watch any of my videos, you’ll find one thing is present almost every time: The sound of my girls in the background. Sometimes they even […]


Work Life

The Truth About Social Media

Here is the truth about social media: It isn’t always what it seems. It doesn’t reflect who we really are or all that we go through to grow in business. Want to know what the truth about social media is? Dig in and find out.


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coffee + jesus lover, ENNEAGRAM 3, top knot connoisseur, world traveler. 

I'm Kendra Lambert.
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If this is your first time here, welcome friend! I started as a platform to inspire the [modern woman] to simplify life & business. In 2018 I created the Top Knot Tribe, Co. for the sole-purpose of supporting female entrepreneurs. Join me here for a creative outlet in home design & DIY, business, mom life, style, beauty, recipes & more! 

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The Top Knot Tribe, Co. was created for the sole purpose of supporting female entrepreneurs in business.
The Signature Launch Course is an online business course equipping aspiring female entrepreneurs with the tools to successfully launch a business. 


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